Saturday, February 12, 2011

Phares 2007 "Décalage de Couleurs"

Years ago I bought a watercoulour of a small town in the Provence.

When in 2007 I was driving through that part of the world, I saw an exit indicating this town. Curious to visit the place that I only knew from my watercolour, I decided to leave the highway.

Looking for a parking place, I found a spot in front of what appeared to be the postoffice. I remembered there were some new stamps depicting lighthouses issued the other week. I entered the postofice and bought two blocks of these stamps.

Back home I saw that one of the blocks contains an errow. The colour shifted, what is called in French "décalage de couleurs". I show the block and a detail here. I also have a detail of the stamp as it should have looked.

I consider myself lucky, a bit like winning the lottery. Nothing wrong with leaving the highway once a while, especially when in the magic Provence.

(You know: click on the pictures and you will see them much bigger, with more detail)

Detail of the errors in the block:  

This is how it should have looked:

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