Friday, January 7, 2011

Letters of the Cabinet of Farah Pahlavi, 1962 and 1963

With such very sad news these days, I suddenly thought of the covers of Farah Pahlavi that I should have somewhere.

I found them back. I share them with you. They are nothing very special. But I still like them, because they tell a little story and in their own way say it all.

In the 60ties of the last century lettters were written by hand or with a typewriter. If you are the Cabinet of Empress Farah Pahlavi, you use a typewriter. The letters are dancing a bit and are not all in line, as we are now used to.

The stamps on the covers picture her husband, interesting if you think it through.

The first cover is addressed to an exclusive name, probably to order something very expensive. So you have the picture just by looking to a cover.

The 1962 cover

A letter to a store: Morabito in the fine Rue Saint Honoré in Paris.
A luxery shop for jewelry, leather and handbags with an exiting and impressive history. See

They created products for Marilyn Monroe, Maria Callas, Kings and Heads of State.

The 1963 cover

I do not know who the addressee of this cover is. Anybody knows?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bonne Année

Bonne Année !

Mind the position of the stamp on this 1927 card I have.

I do not know much about the "language of stamps" (apart from what is represented on below card), but think the way the stamp has been placed in this 1927 card means "je t'embrasse".... Is that so?