Thursday, March 25, 2010

Colony Club, 564 Park Avenue NY

This letter is addressed to the Colony Club, 564 Park Avenue. A famous address. I had no clue untill I just googeled the address on this letter cover, the cover I have had some years now.

The city's most exclusive and prestigious private women's social club, the Colony Club was founded in 1903.

This was the earliest club in the city created just for women and its
first facility was erected on Madison Avenue at 29th Street and is now the American Academy of Arts.

In 1923, the Colony's current clubhouse opened at 564 Park Avenue. It was built to be 'the finest club-house in the world.'

Delayed by the war (brass window fixtures had been ordered from France and the chandeliers from Germany), the new Colony clubhouse finally opened in 1923.

Who knows, was this letter on an exclusive order of some French artworks or brass fixtures?

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