Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Xmas - Gelukkige kerstdagen

Gelukkige kerstdagen!

I bought this card together with two others one sunny day in the Provence, in a small town in the VAR. A Swedish artist lives there in the summer, painting lively works of art with bright earthen colors. The yearly "brocante" was for her reason to sell a collection of all sort of Swedish stamps, that she received over the years from a guy living in Sweden and interested in stamps. She said the stamps gave her inspiration for her work, but there were just too many now.

When I was putting this card on the blog, I realized that it is sort of the middle of a set of three cards (I have the 2 others as well). This is the stamp that shows them all:

I like the big horse, you cannot see it on the cards.

I also found out that the artist, Mats Rehnman, is now into "storytelling". That is, if he is the same person. Considering the stamps are from 1988, it is not impossible. Mats is still very creative, see this picture that I found while googling him up.

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