Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sociedad del Timbre stamps

I found this "stamp" in a lot of Spanish stamps. It took me a while to find out is is a Revenue stamp. Albacete is a region in Spain.

I found another one on the internet, this one from Curuna .....

Anyone knows who is the allegorical crowned woman?

Here are even more:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bobo Dioulasso 4

One letter, front and back both with stamps of the Mosque of Bobo Dioulasso

And here is another one

In Bobo Dioulasso, it is the home of the Bobo's. The population of the Bobo is slightly over 100,000 people. The Bobo have lived in the western region for centuries. Some believe they have been settled in the area since as far back as 800 A.D. These individuals have their own language that we know as simply the "Bobo" language, or "Mande".

The Bobo people are an inherently decentralized group. The various villages that break down their group have their own method of organizing a "political system". They base it on the relationship among individual patrilineages. The idea of placing political power in the hands of an individual is foreign to the Bobo people. The Bobo, like most other cultures, have their own religious beliefs. The creator god of the Bobo is Wuro, who is never physically represented and cannot be described in words according to the Bobo. The god Wuro is the individual responsible for ordering all things in the world into pairs, which must always remain balanced. However, man, through everyday existence is usually responsible for upsetting this balance. The Bobo religious system involves restoring order through a series of offerings.

These are Bobo masks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bobo Dioulasso 3

When double clicking on the pictures, you will see them bigger!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bobo Dioulasso 2

Bobo Dioulasso 1

La célèbre mosquée de Bobo Dioulasso est caractérisée par son architecture en Banco, de type Soudanaise. Elle date de la fin du XIXeme siecle. Les pieux en bois vous rappelleront les mosquées du nord du burkina Faso et du sud du Mali ou du Niger. Elle est née d'un conflit entre Sya et Kenedougou. Le roi de Sya ne pouvant faire face seul aux assaillants dut négocier l'appui des musulmans. En échange, il s'engagea sur la construction de la mosquée.

Moi j'aime bien les timbres de Côte d'Ivoire représentants la mosquée à partir de 1936. Les jours à venir j'ajouterai des exemples de ses timbres (sur lettre ou pas), avec leur couleurs sympathiques.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Error World

A great read.

"An obsessively readable memoir that brings the mania for stamp collecting to life From the Penny Red to the Blue Mauritius, generations of collectors have been drawn to the mystique of rare stamps. Once a widespread pastime of schoolboys, philately has increasingly become the province of older men obsessed with the shrewd investment, the once-in-a-lifetime find, the one elusive beauty that will complete a collection and satisfy an unquenchable thirst.

As a boy, Simon Garfield collected errors—rare pigment misprints that create ghostly absences in certain stamps. When this passion reignited in his mid-forties, it consumed him. In the span of a couple of years he amassed a collection of errors worth upwards of forty thousand pounds, pursuing not only this secret passion, but a romantic one as his marriage disintegrated".....